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diet alone. that's why there's... it helps provide key nutrients your body could be missing. one serving of boost contains twenty-six essential vitamins and minerals plus 10 grams of protein. these nutrients help promote bone health and muscle mass to help keep your body moving. achieve a balanced diet so you can live life to the fullest. find boost in the nutrition isle. brand power. helping you buy better. a cold mine explosion. >> 25 workers are dead and several remain trapped.
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what's causing a set back in the rescue efforts? hello again. i'm don scott. >> here's what people are talking about today. right now poison gas is preventing rescuers from reaching four workers in side a west virginia coal mine. terrell brown reports on the deadliest coal mining accident in this country since 1984. >> reporter: poisonous gas is keeping workers from rescuing workers inside a coal mine. >> the conditions were to a point where they were risking their own lives in an attempt to get in. >> reporter: the hound is holding on to hope that the men are still alive. the families of 25 other miners are slowly getting word that the loved ones did not survive
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the massive underground explosion. ben lost her father. he was five weeks away from returning. >> we were his life. coal mining came next. >> reporter: the explosion happened 30-miles south of charleston. the mine has a history of safety problems for not properly ventilating highly combustible methane gas. right now crews are working to release the toxic gases. right now they are hoping later it will be safer to go back inside to rescue the men. >> it will be later today before we can get back in. >> reporter: before the crews evacuated the mine they reached an air-tight rescue chamber and found it empty. it is possible the men made it into the second chamber. >> there is still hope. >> reporter: family of miners are working to comfort one another. >> we are tough people in west virginia. we are tough people. >> reporter: tough people waiting as rescue workers
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continue the pain staking work. >> a number of deadly mining accidents has dropped in recent years with 2009 being the safest on record before yesterday's accident two deaths were reported. a man is dead after an overnight collision between a shuttle bus and jeep. the jeep veered into oncoming traffic on aviation boulevard. the driver went to shock trauma with nonlife-threatening injuring. a child is rushed to the hospital after being struck by a car in northwest baltimore. it happened in florence avenue after 7:00 last night. police say a drive of a vehicle lost control, hit a child and struck the side of the building. an encouraging report from baltimore city police. the first three months of 2010 marks baltimore's lowest homicide total since the
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1970's. ron is live inside the news room to explain the latest news. >> reporter: as of april first 40 people were killed in the city. that's down 30% from last year and the lowest since 39 people were killed in march of 1977. the drop continues a trend of declining gun crime and shootings. there is still work to be done but the drop is a testament to the city's crime-fighting strategy. this come after larger city, new york, los angeles and chicago are seeing increases in violent crime. back to you. >> thank you. there is now controversy over website access inside hartford county public schools. the school system unblocked access to gay and lesbian websites following an outcry by students. the state delegate believes the school has made the wrong decision. he argues parents should have been notified first. another day to take a break
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and spend some time outdoors. take a live look over baltimore. it is sunny and hot today. we are live with first weather coverage. marty is updating the forecast in the first warning center. >> let's take a look at the temperatures. that's the story of this noon hour. keep in mind the normal daytime high is 61. we are 20 degrees above it. we still have three more hours of the heat of the day. look at that. 85 at hagerstown. it is 83 by the water in ocean city. 71 elton. 70 oakland. we are getting a bay effect there. 63 and 68 degrees. take a look at doppler radar. it is a clear scan. i point that out because we had
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showers this morning because of this push of warmer and noticeably more humid air. come back here for a second. what does that mean for us? over the next couple of days, well, after february i'm not saying uncomfortable when it comes to warm, humid conditions but you'll notice a change from yesterday to today. i'll show you where the channel activity was this morning. now back to you. >> thank you very much. outdoor clocks are common enough. there is only one setter is tower. the most famous time piece in baltimore. today they are getting an upgrade. we are live downtown. >> reporter: our clock frozen in time is finally being freed. making it happen is not for the faint of heart. >> it comes to setting this clock you have to go 16 stories up from the outside. that's where time came to a stand still on the south clock face of the bromo tower. >> unfortunately the clock on
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the south side of the arts tower had stopped working in 2007. we've tried different fixes on the inside internally trying to fix the clock. >> reporter: the problem took muscle and the able to dangle from high places to solve. it wasn't the clock mechanism that went wrong. instead the hands were frozen in place to the shaft. that meant dismantling hundreds of points of metal to make repairs on the hands. >> we took the hands over to the shipyard. the general shipyard for repair. they were able to fix -- to unfreeze and fix the shaft and so forth. they have been repaired. they were broken. >> reporter: a live look now at the hour and minute hands back in place on the tower. they are not telling time yet. it will take several hours to sync up all four clocks. >> thank you very much.
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the tower has been keeping time in baltimore since 1911. great erest show on earth arrived in charm city. ringing brothers and barnum and bailey circus starts tomorrow night at the first mariner arena. >> it is fun to see the elephants walking through town. >> i was going to say they probably love this weather. still to come on eyewitness news at noon, a fatal crash. final report on the accident that killed four people and injured two celebrities. what caused the plane to go up in flames. news for fern lovers. what's happening to strawberry prices at the supermarket. take another live look outside this noon. enjoy. stick around. the first weather forecast is still drop. coming up -- coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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arraignment is set for later today for teenagers charged in the suicide of a 13-year-old girl. they were part of a group of
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girls that bullied prince in massachusetts. she committeds suicide in february. federal investigators issued a report in a leer jet crash in south carolina two years ago. it killed four people and injured blink-182 travis barker. uninflated tire were to flame. all four tires exploded in takeoff. toyota is announcing they have a record fine posted. toyota is improving steps to improve communications with regulator. the government accused toyota of hiding dangerous safety problems with the vehicles. toyota announced today they'll
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recall 13,000 vehicle in south korea due to problems with floor mats. shuttle discovery is running into problems after a communication antenna failed. that leaves seven astronauts without away to sent or receive large chunks of information. nasa's mission control says it shouldn't pose any danger. on earth it turn out to be a great spring for strawberry lovers. the cold winter delayed florida's crops with california's crops. now they are flooding the market. in some places they are half of this time last year. still ahead on eyewitness new at noon, take a live look outside. please stay tuned. marty will be back in two and a half minutes with the first weather warning forecast. we are coming right back. we are coming right back. here's a look at t t,,
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man, it is nice. that's why everybody is out playing around. >> i guess we debunked the old -- i guess may have it is a wive's tale. that camera is 30 stories up. i didn't think bugs flew more than nine or ten stories up. >> on a nice day like this why
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not? >> let's jump right into it. current conditions. it is 81 degrees. 20 above the normal daytime high. 42% humidity. winds out of the southwest at 12. it is a warm spring breeze. barometer 29.87. i think it is interesting d.c. is at 78. over toward dulles we are at 83 degrees. once you get away from the potomac and chesapeake by a and tributaries we are basically seeing cooler temperatures. having said that how does that account for ocean city's 83 degrees? the air hitting ocean city is not coming off the ocean, which is chillier. westminster and belair 77 and 78. 81 columbia. 79 rock hall. 72 ken island. there is the bay effect. let me show you the shower
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activity that came through the area earlier. this is a secondary push of warm and humid air. it is noticeably more humid now than at this time yesterday. daytime high at bwi marshall yesterday was 84. today we'll easily shoot up to 81 degrees. indeed we had a secondary warm front push info the area. for the first time this season it is feeling close. no complaints though. the dip in the jet stream will be here. it will knock us back. when we are saying colder i think that's a great lakes/ohio valley deal. we can say cooler with temperatures returning to normal. for one day you are coming up. by this way this day's report 97 in 1929. 866 the high this day. tomorrow what we are talking about is a nice day. generous amount of sunshine and temperatures moving themselves back toward about 88 degrees.
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next chance of rain, wouldn't you know it, is friday. we have had perfect baseball weather. we'll have two weeks now for the home opener. we'll discuss that coming up during the five-day forecast. >> speaking of opening day. orioles are back in camdon yards. we'll bring you all the action. be sure to tune in for our special pre-game coverage at 2:00. stick around for first pitch at 3:05. a medical use for the new ipad. you have to hear how it could prevent trips to the doctor's office. we are always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for instant updates on the day's news and the update of the instop weather warning forecast log on to ,, [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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in today's health watch report researchers say teenagers can beat the effects of a common obesity-related gene. a study found an hour or more of personal physical activity per day controls body weight in those that carry the gene. that's what usually cause people to weight 7 pounds more than people that don't carry it. research tells children to get 60 minutes of exercise every
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day. massachusetts doctor discovered a medical use for apple's new ipad. the application functions as ultrasound sensor. it can perform daily checks on children with asthma and send the results to the doctor without a trip to the office or help parents make sure their baby is sleeping safely. the app should be ready in six months. if you are drinking too much alcohol researchers say your friends may be to blame. a person is 50% more likely to drink heavily if their friends or relatives are heavy drinkers. smoking and obesity travel in networks. >> you'll want to check in with the news at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. he's still the center of attention. practice rounds continue today at the masters. world's best golfer is trying
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to hone his game and repair his image. stay with us, your five-day forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beautiful noon hour. >> it is gorgeous. >> it is not a bad thing to walk outside before you gone the air particularly when you are in a windowless room.
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>> when was the last time you were outside? >> 4:45 this morning. you'll be shocked when you walk out there. it feels like summer. let's look at the five-day forecast. this run will continue tomorrow with a high of 88. 78 thursday might be too low. here comes the dip in the jet stream. the afternoon opening of the orioles home baseball season there will be rain around. 64 is the high. by 3:00 maybe 60 degrees. 58 degrees breezy on saturday. above normal on sunday with sunshine. 66 degrees. time is everything. maybe it is good luck like rain on your wedding day don't mislocal guy josh charles. that's at 10:00 to be followed by eyewitness new at 11:00. finally a super sized solution for anyone with a big appetite. it is called the omg burger
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served up in a restaurant in california. it starts off with a four-pound beef patty stopped with 12 slices of cheese and surrounded by four pounds of french fries. all fat-free of course. it is yours for the price of $34.95. $34.95. ,,
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